Young Stewards – Get Out and Get Wild!

The Christina Lake Stewardship Society’s (CLSS) Young Stewards of the Boundary Youth Program is well underway this summer. This program allows parents and children to learn together about the ecology, and biology of Christina Lake, as well as how to conserve it. Sessions run every Thursday from 10:00 -11:30 am in the CLSS’s Interpretive Gallery and are by donation.

Each week throughout the summer will feature a different theme ranging from “Discover Water” to “Beautiful Birds”. Most themes begin with a presentation, which are followed by a nature walk or outdoor activity, and finished up with a craft.

Past sessions have included “Fantastic Fish”, which involved learning about the Kokanee life cycle, playing the Spawning Game, and painting cut-out fish for the “Wildlife Walk of Fame”, located at the baseball field fence by the Community Hall. The most recent session was themed “Fun in the Forest” where children were able to plant their own tree after learning about the different trees in the Nature Park area. The “Amazing Animals” themed session on July 23rd will involve animal track casting, where children can expect to make a polymer track casting from one of thirty-seven different animal track molds. If you want to be a part of the fun, pre-register by phoning 250-447-2504, or by email [email protected].

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